How We Work

We represent:

  • Our own products developed from an understanding of the market and produced in world class facilities in the USA, Asia and Europe.
  • High quality products from a selection of manufacturers world-wide.
  • Retail clients seeking new Private Label opportunities.

Perform continual market research both for clients and our own knowledge of products and the marketplace.

Produce quarterly reports on market conditions for areas of specific interest to our clients.

After initial input meetings, perform necessary research and due diligence to ensure a full understanding of the product and project parameters.

Analyze business objectives, ask questions, examine products and markets to ensure a clear focus on the project.

With a global network of professionals we develop the right solutions, products, options and direction to quickly implement decisions.

Make product recommendations and then create budgets, schedules and reporting to manage implementation.

  • Manage details of graphics, product production and logistics.
  • Perform Q&A analysis and reporting on all product manufactured, both at the source and then at independent labs in the USA.
  • Manage Third Party Audits of all facilities.
  • MCG carries multi-million dollar liability insurance coverage for all products.
  • Partnered with JAS Worldwide Logistics to ensure deliveries as scheduled.

Supported by a world-class technology infrastructure, we are able to assure product quality, maximize value and implement a forward-looking strategy.

MCG is registered with the U.S. FDA; certificate #16999422592.