Private Label Product & Recipe Development

A partner to the food industry – we research & discover new flavours and foods, identify trends, develop products, supply creative concepts and manufacture for international markets.
 With generations of experience, we develop products to meet the individual needs of consumers in harmony with ever-evolving market conditions.

  • Our products have clean labels with no artificial ingredients.
  • Our packaging is fully recyclable.

  • All our products are quick to prepare and expandable to full family meals with added items like vegetables and proteins.​
Branding & Packaging

Research, creative development, logo & brand identity design, 3D modelling & product visualisation, and marketing programs are an integral part of how we bring a product from concept to on the shelf and into your customers’ carts.

Packaging must entice and sell the product visually, provide an assurance of quality and meet legal requirements.

Production & Logistics

We partner with state-of-the-art suppliers for the manufacture of all private label products.

Located strategically within a geographic area with cultural ties to the products, they produce authentic, high quality foods from locally available ingredients.

Logistics are part of the recipe, moving from factory to your distribution facilities or logistics providers, we manage the process to your door.

All suppliers are subject to independent third-party audits, in addition to adhering to our own strict quality standards.

All of our products are submitted for rigorous laboratory testing on a perpetual basis.

Private Label Products

Branding & Packaging

All of the products may be purchased with (1) our branding, (2) the design can be adapted to an existing store brand or (3) we can create an all new brand for you.

Different packaging solutions can be explored and our recipes can be tweaked and adapted to your local market’s requirements and tastes.

Authentic Food & Healthy Lifestyle

We strive to provide food that is convenient, offers an authentic taste experience, and promotes a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Our products use only natural, non-GMO, shelf-stable ingredients, without additives, and most of them are Vegan friendly.


Corporate address

Marketing Concepts Group, LLC
6 Old Field Rd.
Weston, CT 06883 USA

Tel : +1 203 454 0800
Fax : +1 203 454 0507

World-wide offices
In addition to our US headquarters, we have offices in
Europe (Nyon, Switzerland) & Asia (Seoul, S. Korea).

Contact us

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